Based on the prevalence of pre-diabetes in England it is estimated that over half a million people in Wales could be at high risk of developing diabetes. In 2015, the North Ceredigion GP Cluster initiated a pre-diabetes intervention that targeted patient education and lifestyle modification. The intervention comprised of a 30-minute one-to-one consultation for those identified as having a higher than ideal blood glucose level, but not high enough to be suffering from diabetes. Measures were taken for body mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference, blood pressure and HbA1c (a measure of blood glucose) during the initial consultation, and at 12 and 24-month follow up.

Data for 292 patients indicated a significant change in the following:

  • HbA1c fell from 43.9 mmol·mol-1to 42.8 mmol·mol-1 at 12 months and to 42.7 mmol·mol-1 at 24 months
  • BMI from fell from 29.8 to 29.5 at 12 months and to 29.4 at 24 months
  • Waist circumference fell by 0.6 cm at 12 months and by 1.7 cm after 24 months
  • After 24 months, of the 292 patients, 19 had become diabetic, 154 remained pre-diabetic and 119 had returned to normal blood glucose control

In addition to the 292 patients who completed the 24-month follow up, an additional 592 completed baseline and 12 month follow up, for these patients:

  • HbA1c fell from 43.9 mmol·mol-1to 42.6 mmol·mol-1
  • Seventeen had become diabetic, 358 remained pre-diabetic and 217 had returned to normal blood glucose control

The results are supportive of early identification of, and, educational intervention for, type II diabetes.