Outdoor Spaces

Do the COVID-19 restrictions affect your use of outdoor spaces and physical activity?

The Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently (April 2021) affecting the daily lives of many people, and in particular the time spent outdoors.  The impact of COVID-19 restriction are affecting everyone, and not just those infected. 

This project is focusing on how people in Wales have perceived their outdoor environment, during a lockdown in winter. ​

Via an online survey*, we wish to find out whether people in Wales have easy access to outdoor (green) spaces, and how that links to being physically activity and well-being. The survey takes around 30-40 minutes to complete. 

We would like to thank anyone that decides to take part. You will contribute to research aimed at finding out how the pandemic impacts people and whether access to outdoor space and nature should become more prioritized in the future of Wales to promote well-being and physical activity. ​

The full details of the project and your involvement are described in the participant information booklet. If you are interested, you can complete the online survey.

Contact us for more information and we will provide you with more details.

Below you can find the information documents, which were last updated on 23-4-2021.

* A paper-based version is available upon request via waru@aber.ac.uk