A European project called ‘FrAilty Care and wEll-funcTion’ (FACET) that focuses on the prevention of frailty by monitoring and improving health of older adults.


Use of digitally-linked technology to reinforce healthy behaviour. More information coming soon


Reduction in the prevalence of pre-diabetes following one-to-one consultation delivered through general practice

Vape Study

Research study evaluating saliva chemistry of smokers and vapers

Future Foods

Providing world-class expertise in food science, technology and nutrition R&D

Stroke Research

Wearable technology to analyse movement of stroke patients

Covid-19 Restrictions

Do the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place affect the physical functioning of older people?

Outdoor Spaces

Do the COVID-19 restrictions affect your use of outdoor spaces and physical activity?

Sensory Tasting

Sensory Tasting Panels