The effect of CO2 on balance in older and younger adults.

The effect of CO2 on balance in older and younger adults

Project leaders: Dr Alexander Taylor & Dr Dan Low

We are recruiting healthy male and female volunteers, aged between 18 – 30 & 60 – 75 years to participate in a new research study. The study is testing how anxiety affect an individual’s balance.

Participants will receive £10 Amazon voucher or SONA credits (Students) upon completion of study.

You will complete a detailed health screening phone interview to assess your eligibility. If eligible you will be invited to attend 1 test sessions. You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires and a series of balance tests whilst inhaling a safe gas mixture of air enriched with 7.5% CO2 for twenty minutes, and normal air for twenty minutes.

If you are interested in finding out more please email ( or or phone (01970628574) the study team to request a copy of the study information sheet and to arrange a pre-screening telephone interview.

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