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Simple urine test using posted samples can track what we eat, drink and smoke

Scientists at the universities of Aberystwyth, Newcastle and Imperial College have developed a revolutionary urine test which can accurately detect more than 50 different types of foods in a person’s diet. The test can also detect consumption levels of alcohol and nicotine, including vaping. It works by measuring chemicals known as biomarkers in urine which…
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Aber team in bid to boost stroke survivors’ recovery

Aber team in bid to boost stroke survivors’ recovery A group of Aberystwyth scientist are working on a project to improve stroke patient’s recovery. In a new study funded by the Stroke Implementation Group NHS Wales and Aberystwyth University, stroke survivors have the opportunity to participate in an intensive, exercise rehabilitation program specifically tailored to…
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Prediabetes; the patient journey

Part of trying to prevent people with prediabetes from getting Type 2 Diabetes is to encourage these people to make improvements to their lifestyle by increasing physical activity and improving their diet.  It can be very difficult for people to start making these changes, and maintaining them is also a challenge.  So that health service…
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